How Long Do Your Seminar Promotions Really Need to Be?

Your Prospective Seminar Attendees Won’t Read a Long Sales Letter … or Will They? Discover How Much Copy You Really Need to Fill Seminar Seats

By Jenny Hamby, the Seminar Marketing Pro™
Certified Guerrilla Marketer and Direct-Response Copywriter

Do you ever look at the long sales letters that many seminar marketers use to promote their events online and think … “Do I REALLY have to use something THAT long?”

The answer is…it depends.

If you’re marketing to a very targeted list of people who are merely waiting to hear when your event has been scheduled (say, if you’re marketing a series of seminars), a postcard or short letter can work just fine.

And if you’re marketing a short event – for example, a two-hour seminar vs. a three-day bootcamp – you might be able to get away with less copy.

But if given the choice, I always choose long copy over short copy.

After a decade of writing direct-response copy, I’ve never seen a situation where a short sales letter outsold a long version. Longer sales letters give you more room to fully explain the value of your event and to address your audience’s possible objections.

The reason long copy works is that it gives prospective customers all of the information they need to make a buying decision. Your sales letter is your salesperson. And just as you’d never tell your sales rep, “Whatever you do, don’t speak for more than 90 seconds,” it doesn’t make sense to arbitrarily limit the size of your sales letter just for the sake of not making it “too” long. If you need an additional page to make the sale, take it!

guerrilla-marketerJenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, coaches and consultants fill seminar seats and make more money from their own seminars and workshops. Her on- and offline direct marketing campaigns have netted response rates as high as 84 percent … on budgets as small as $125.

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