Who Else Wants Help Promoting Your Seminars and Workshops?


Are you looking for new, better and more cost-effective ways to put more butts in seats?

Are you trying to learn what NOT to do when marketing seminars and workshops … before you sink too much time, money and effort into promoting your own event?

Are you committed to holding your own seminar … but feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to do and confused about where, exactly, to start?

Are you feeling slightly panicked because your seminar is right around the corner … and registration numbers are far below what you expected?

Good news – I can help.

Here are the ways I work with my clients … and how I may be able to help you achieve your seminar marketing goals:


Seminar Marketing Coaching and Consulting

hamby_cellphoneAthletes hire coaches when they want to improve their game quickly. An experienced coach can quickly diagnose what players are doing wrong … and identify, prescribe and prioritize improvements to increase performance.

The same goes when you’re trying to improve your seminar and webinar marketing results.  Maybe you just want to brainstorm and get some fresh ideas to spice up your existing marketing program. Maybe you’re lost in your personal forest and need an outside perspective to help figure out exactly where you’re heading and how to get there. Maybe you’re so frustrated with the process of marketing events that you’re ready to throw in the towel … but you still have a glimmer of hope that you’ll find someone who can help make this seminar thing work.

The following coaching/consulting packages allow you to get laser-focused assistance you need to take your event marketing results to the next level.These solutions are right for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, and other experts who are promoting their own events – as well as marketing and advertising professionals who are new to event marketing and tasked with the responsibility of filling seats.

  • 1-Day Telephone Intensive. During this virtual event, you and I work together throughout the course of one day to develop or upgrade your event marketing plan or copy. Click here for more details.
  • Tip-to-Tail Copywriting Critique. Send me your marketing copy, and I’ll dissect it line by line, looking for ways to increase its conversion power. Click here to learn more.
  • Private Coaching Work one-on-one with Jenny Hamby for 90 days to get your seminar marketing foundation set up and ready to launch. Click here to learn more.
  • Group Coaching Work in a small-group format with Jenny Hamby and other seminar leaders to develop your event marketing plan and copy. Click here to learn more.

Done-For-You Services (Limited Availability)

hamby_wrighting“Stick to your core genius – and delegate the rest” is a principle of success. If marketing and/or copywriting is not your “thing,” the SeminarMarketingPro team can help.

  • Marketing Plan Development.  Marketing plans are the roadmaps between where you are now – and where you want to be. If you’re unsure about how, exactly, to promote your event, let us develop your marketing plan for you. Your plan will show not only what marketing tools to use to promote your event, but also when to use each tool, who to contact, and even how to build your list. Request a Discovery Session now so we can explore whether this is the right option for you.
  • Copywriting.  Your marketing copy is like a salesperson that’s working 24/7 to fill your event seats. What you say can make – or break – your results when promoting your event to your target audience. If you don’t have the time to get your copy written – or if writing marketing copy appeals to you about as much as a root canal – well, teaming up with a professional copywriter is probably a smart move for you. I’ve been a copywriter since 1995 and have focused on seminars and information products full-time since 2001. If you’re ready to hire a professional copywriter, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session now to brief me on your project.
  • Implementation Coaching.  You have your plan. You have your copy. Now it’s time to launch your marketing. With implementation coaching, SeminarMarketingPro’s guidance will be only a phone call or email away. We’ll keep you on track, help you conquer any challenges that arise, and work with you to continually improve your results. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session now to learn more.


Home-Study Training for Seminar and Webinar Marketing

hamby_webinarWhen your budget and/or event deadlines don’t allow you to work one-on-one with Jenny and the SeminarMarketingPro team … our home-study program delivers the answers and guidance you need. These cost-effective solutions teach you the valuable strategies and principles you need to fill event seats – while working at your own pace

The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your own seminar marketing plans and promotional materials to effectively market your next seminar or workshop. You’ll receive How to Market Seminars and Workshops, How to Write Effective Seminar Marketing Materials, The Post-Registration Marketing Kit, and 7 bonuses … including Introduction to Seminar Marketing for New Promoters audio program, a manual that walks you step-by-step through the process of building your own opt-in database, as well as a free critique of your marketing materials. Click here for details.