“Send Me Your Marketing Materials … and I’ll Go Through Them with a Fine-Tooth Comb and Show You EXACTLY Where Your Copy Is Letting You Down”


FR: Jenny Hamby
RE: Your Seminar Marketing Materials

Dear Friend,

Do you suspect that your marketing materials aren’t producing as high of a response as they could (or should) be? Do you want a professional’s opinion before you spend thousands of dollars printing your direct mail packages or driving valuable traffic to your website?

Then sign up today for a copy critique.

I’ll thoroughly review your marketing pieces. Give you honest feedback about what works … and what doesn’t. And provide detailed suggestions about how to fix the problems. You’ll get dozens of easy-to-implement suggestions that you can put to work immediately to boost your response rates.

My goal is to give you enough pointed suggestions and rock-solid ideas so that you can implement changes on your own, produce a better response … and generate the cash you need to hire a professional copywriter (if that’s what you ultimately want to do).

Plus if you start revising your copy and decide that it’s too much work, too unpleasant a task, or just too time-consuming given all of your other responsibilities – and, therefore, that you’d rather have me rewrite your copy – 50% of the investment you make into your critique will be applied toward your copywriting project if booked within 30 days of your critique.

That’s fair, right?

Let’s take a look at how my professional copy critique works.

The Tip-to-Tail Copywriting Critique

Pick one event, product or service … and send me a link to your event website and up to 3 emails that you’re using to promote that event.

l’ll go through your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Write up a very detailed report that outlines every suggestion I have for turbo-charging your copy. Point out any critical mistakes you’re making with your marketing plan. And offer creative ideas for getting more for your marketing dollars. After I complete your customized report, you’ll have the chance to email me any follow-up questions or schedule a 30-minute consultation to pick my brain.

NOTE: if you’ve ever been duped into signing up for a critique that’s basically a checklist of common mistakes (“Fix your headline,” “Make your offer stronger,” etc.), let me clarify something. That is NOT what you get with my Tip-to-Tail Marketing Audit.

What you will get are very detailed suggestions that refer directly to ideas, words, phrases and concepts in your copy. (And if I’m really inspired, I might even write a blurb or two of copy that illustrate my points … which you can use gratis, of course.) I spend at least 2 hours going through your materials (my record to date is 4 hours). I put a lot of heart and soul into your critique, because I want to make sure you get a ton of value from your investment.

Deliverability: Please allow 1 week from order date for delivery of written report. Need it sooner? Select the “Priority Treatment” below to get feedback within 2 business days.

Submitting your materials: You’ll receive detailed instructions for how to submit your materials after your request has been processed.
Diagnose the Problems that Are Sabotaging Your Copy’s Effectiveness

When golfers want to improve their game, they hire professional coaches to analyze their swing. An experienced coach not only can quickly spot the mistakes a golfer is making, but can also prescribe the right fixes that can unlock massive leaps in performance.

That’s how powerful a copy critique can be. See for yourself – see what a client emailed me just a few days after a recent critique…

“I have to make a confession. When I got on our call for your critique of my marketing materials, I expected you to spend our time selling me on your consulting services. I signed up anyway, thinking that I might be able to pick up a few tips for pitching services. Was I surprised when you delivered what you promised – a detailed, customized critique of my marketing materials. I have 3 pages of notes from our call – dozens of very specific suggestions that pointed to exactly what I’m doing in my marketing. I’m promoting 8 seminars this year, and I’m confident that I’m going to see increased registrations based on your ideas. This time was very well spent.”

~ Jeremiah Desmarais, Vice President, Marketing, Novax University

How Much Revenue Could You Unlock?

Now, if you’re working with a small marketing budget, you might be thinking that $650 is too much money – money that could be invested somewhere else in your marketing program. And that may be true.

But first, consider this…

If your event marketing copy has serious flaws … the money, time and energy you’re investing into email marketing, direct mail, publicity, pay-per-click advertising, social media, joint ventures and everything else you’re doing to drum up interest in your event will be WASTED.

If your event marketing copy doesn’t instantly grab attention…

If your event marketing copy doesn’t quickly convince prospects that your seminar is THE solution they’ve been waiting for…

If your event marketing copy doesn’t position your event as a smart investment vs. an expense that must be budgeted…

… your web site won’t convert visitors to registrations. You won’t generate the revenue you need to meet your goals (and maybe even pay for your marketing).

If your marketing copy isn’t working (or worse yet, is so flawed that it will doom your marketing campaign even before it starts) … doesn’t it make sense to find out what’s wrong as soon as possible?

At the modest investment of $650, it takes most seminar leaders only a registration or two to recoup their investment. And with the increase in conversion that you could experience once you implement my suggestions, you could unlock thousands of dollars in extra seminar revenue.

The sooner you schedule your critique, the sooner you can begin to enjoy the increased registrations and opt-ins that come from better-performing copy. Reserve your critique now.