90-Day Private Platinum “Build My Seminar Marketing Foundation” Coaching Program

Work One-on-One with Jenny Hamby of SeminarMarketingPro.com to Develop and Launch Your Seminar Marketing Program

You have a clear vision of what you want to your event to be like. But you’re not sure how to get there from where you are today … or even where to start.

My 90-day Private Platinum Coaching program will help you build a solid foundation for your event marketing program – quickly, easily and confidently.

During the course of 3 intense months of work, I’ll work one-on-one with you (and your team if you have one) to:

  1. Help you develop a “Fill My Seats” personalized event marketing plan that maps out how and when you’ll contact your prospects
  2. Coach you through setting up your seminar sales foundation – including getting your web site written, designed and launched
  3. Brainstorm the different marketing angles to stress throughout your promotional campaign
  4. Provide detailed critiques of all marketing copy that you write
  5. Guide you through setting up at least one list-building funnel
  6. Keep you focused on implementing with structured weekly 45-minute private coaching calls
  7. Set up systems for tracking the source of every registration – and the effectiveness of each marketing channel
  8. Pinpoint the tests to perform once your marketing campaign is launched, so that you can continue to improve your marketing results
    Breakthrough any MINDSET blocks so you can take you business to the next level of income and success.
  9. By the end of our work together, you’ll have a clear seminar offer, functional website, basic promotional tools in place, and a system set up for generating qualified leads. In other words … you’ll be ready to promote your event

What You’ll Receive

  • Audit of your existing marketing system. I’ll review your plan, marketing sequence and materials, looking for any response-inhibiting mistakes – and opportunities for improvement. (A $1,000 Value)
  • Half-Day Telephone Intensive. Our work together begins with 3 hours of planning. We’ll fine-tune your offer and make sure it’s as attractive as possible. We’ll zero in on the prospects that you want to target for your event. Then we’ll review and select the marketing tools that you’ll use to begin building your marketing calendar. (A $1,500 Value)
  • Weekly assignments. Each week, you’ll receive homework assignments to be completed by the following week. These assignments will ensure that by the end of our program, you have a functional website, basic marketing tools in place, and a lead-generation funnel. (A $500 Value)
  • Weekly coaching calls. We’ll spend 45 minutes together each week at a pre-assigned time to review the previous week’s assignment, discuss what’s next, and answer any questions that are cropping up. (A $3,600 Value)
  • Detailed copy critiques. Every time you (or a team member) complete a writing assignment, I’ll provide a detailed critique of the copy. I’ll point out any critical mistakes that you’re making, opportunities to take your copy to the next level, and specific strategies for increasing the effectiveness the words you’re using to promote your event. (A $2,000 Value)
  • Private phone and email access. You’ll receive a private email address and phone number that you can use to reach out for a reasonable amount of additional support between our weekly sessions. (A $900 Value)
    Access to my most popular home-study courses. These materials will be used in part as assignments to prepare for coaching calls; they also can be used to reinforce the strategies you’re learning during our work together. You’ll receive:

    • List-Building for Event Promoters. Your house list is the hands-down best source of prospects for your events. Discover a step-by-step approach for building your opt-in list and database. (A $497 Value)
    • How to Market Seminars and Workshops: a Practical Guide for Creating Effective Seminar Marketing Plans. Discover the exact process I use when writing seminar marketing plans for clients and get answers to your most pressing questions about how, exactly, to fill seats. (A $397 Value)
    • How to Write Effective Seminar Marketing Materials: Powerful Copywriting Strategies to Fill Seminar Seats. Many seminar promoters have a hard time finding the words needed to accurately explain what their event will teach – and convincing prospects it’s worth their time and money to attend. This guide will walk you by the hand through the process. (A $497 Value)
    • Post-Registration Marketing Kit. If you want to maximize the number of people who show up for your event, you have to keep marketing after the sale. This marketing kit makes the job easy. Use these fill-in-the-blank templates to continue communicating with your registrants … keeping them excited about their decision to invest in your event. (A $97 Value)

 That’s $10,988 in total value – not counting the value of the peace of mind and confidence you’ll gain knowing that you’re staying on track to getting your marketing done on time, while avoiding the key mistakes that sink most promotion

Is This Seminar Marketing Coaching Program Right For You?

My 90-Day Private Platinum Coaching Program is right for you if:

  • You are a speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or other expert.
  • You are promoting your own events – seminars, workshops, teleseminars and/or webinars.
  • You want to shorten your learning curve by working with a professional coach.
  • You are willing and able to work hard for 90 days and keep your commitments.
  • You are open to coaching – including being called on your “stuff” that’s sabotaging your efforts and keeping you from reaching the next level.

However, this program is not right for you if:

  • You typically find ways to wiggle out of your commitments. (Although I will call you on your self-sabotaging behavior, the bottom line is that you will see results only if you keep your commitments and do the work.)
  • You only want to show up and speak, while leaving the marketing and event planning to someone else. (This will work only if you have an assistant or team to delegate to and they’ll be participating in the coaching program. Otherwise, this is the not the solution for you.)
  • You feel disillusioned about seminar marketing and have an attitude of “I tried that and it didn’t work.” (It’s OK to feel discouraged if you haven’t been able to produce the results you want on your own. I can help you with that. But if you have a doom-and-gloom attitude that nothing works and you usually resist new ideas and suggestions … we won’t work well together.)
  • You expect your marketing to be perfect the first time out. (I’m not going to blow smoke up your skirt – event marketing can be a challenge and it can take time to figure out exactly what works for your audience. What we’ll create together is a foundation. To maximize your results, you’ll need to continually test new strategies and copy, track your results, and modify your plan.)

Limited Availability

Due to schedule constraints and the time-intensive nature of this program, I can accept only with a limited number of Private Platinum Coaching Clients at one time. Spots are awarded only after you and I have a Discovery Session to review your goals, discuss where your business is currently, and address any concerns and questions that you may have.

Ready to explore whether this program is right for you? Schedule your complimentary discovery session now.